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Elida Amador

Elida Amador, guest room attendant and Culinary Union member since 2015 - When we moved to Las Vegas in 2015 we were able to find a house to rent in North Las Vegas. We lived there for 4 years, but things were not so great. The house and yard were too small. We couldn’t have [...]


James Loreto

James Loreto, in room dining and room service, Culinary Union member for 21 years - As a North Las Vegas resident for 15 years, I support the Neighborhood Stability ballot initiative. I went to school in North Las Vegas and raised my kids there with the dream that one day they can own a home [...]


Rocio Puente

Rocio Puente, guest room attendant and Culinary Union member for 24 years - My husband and I own a home in North Las Vegas for 18 years. We bought our house because we wanted to stop paying rent that keeps going up and I saw that homeownership was a better investment for the future of [...]


Ron Gladstone

Ronald Gladstone, kitchen steward, Culinary Union member since 1983 - My wife and I bought our home in North Las Vegas in January 2020 right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Before we bought our home, we rented a place for 16 years. The owners of the house we rented kept promising that they would sell [...]


Dora Arizmendi

Dora Arizmendi, Culinary Union member, shop steward, guest room attendant - I have 4 beautiful daughters and I have lived in North Las Vegas for about 10 years. I had previously owned a home in 2008, but unfortunately I lost it during the Great Recession when it went into foreclosure, which was really sad for [...]


Hadiza Sadiq

Hadiza Sadiq, Bartenders Union member, shop steward - I have been living in North Las Vegas for 8-years and I own a 4-bedroom/3-bath home in North Las Vegas. I decided to buy my home because as a renter, we were paying someone else’s mortgage and I wanted to own something that was my own and [...]

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